Engraving is the most formal of our printing processes, and is characterized by text and images that are raised up from the surface of the paper. Flip over a piece of engraved stationery and you'll see a "bruise” where the paper was pressed into a copper die to create the image. Engraving inks have a beautiful matte finish and are available in metallic colors.


Letterpress printing features text and images that are pressed into the paper. It has a softer more tactile look than engraving. Run your fingers over a letterpress invitation and you'll feel the deep impression. Letterpress ink, even metallic ones, have a soft matte finish.


Like letterpress, foil is pressed into the paper. But rather than ink, foil stamping uses a metallic foil to create images that look like metal. It’s beautiful as an accent to letterpress or flat printing, and really shines over a photograph.


Thermography is a modern method that was created to mimic engraving in a more cost effective way. Inks are raised and have a glossy finish without the “bruise” of engraving.


Digital printing is completely flat, like the magazines you see everyday. It’s a great choice for more casual invitations and for multiple color printing. It’s also the only option when you want to print a photograph.
the most beautiful papers in the world
We are passionate about paper. For our standard papers,
we’ve sourced some of the most gorgeous paper from mills around the world. We try to find exactly the best paper for each purpose, but they all fall into 4 basic categories.

standard weight

Our standard weight paper is perfect: substantial but not too thick. It prints beautifully and it’s our most cost-effective option.

double thick

For those that want a little more oomph, we have papers that are extra thick, more like a matte board than a sheet of card stock.

deckled edge

Torn edges can make an invitation feel perfectly old world and add another degree of hand-craftsmanship.

colored papers

We generally stick to white and cream paper, but sometimes you just need a pop of color! Our paper-obsessed team can source a whole range of colors to find just what you need. Colors are subject to availability.
Pricing is affected by printing method, paper choice, quantity and design. Most invitations can be printed in any method outlined below but there are a few exceptions. We can help you provide an exact price for your unique invitation trousseau, in the meantime, below is a pricing guide to our basic level wedding invitation set:
For wedding invitations with double envelopes printed with a return address on the back flap, in one color on standard weight rectangular stock:
Prices do not include reply sets or extras like die-cutting or multiple color inks, among other extras. They do not reflect any design fees that apply to your specific order. For pricing on other items such as save-the-dates or party invitations, please refer to those individual sections. Pricing is subject to change.