Fishing 40th Birthday

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This bright and happy invitation incorporated an original tackle box and fish painting by New Orleans based artist, Alex Beard. We responded to his artwork with corresponding typography, letterpress printed in navy ink.


Letterpress printing features text and images that are pressed into the paper. It has a softer more tactile look than engraving. Run your fingers over a letterpress invitation and you'll feel the deep impression. Letterpress ink, even metallic ones, have a soft matte finish.

Digital printing is completely flat, like the magazines you see everyday. It’s a great choice for more casual invitations and for multiple color printing. It’s also the only option when you want to print a photograph.


Pricing available upon request. For more information check out our details page.

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  1. Provided Custom Art, out-of-house (+ $tbd)
  2. Hand Calligraphed Envelopes, out-of-house (+ $tbd)
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